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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

                                 Negligence to duty and its consequences

It is the duty of each and every employee to adhere to the procedures laid down by the department while performing the duties.  Negligence of such will have definitely some adverse impact which may even lead to uproar among the employees. Non follow up of procedures on duty will attract the attention of administration and suitable action should invariably be initiated to set right the things. Ultimately this results to unrest among the effected and unions also.  The best remedy to avoid this unpleasant situation is to perform the duties in a correct manner.

Instances of non exchange of mails and unauthorized travel of officials in the sections are such need to be avoided by our staff.  This will have an adverse impact on the division as a whole. Paying a small attention to the issues raised above will avoid inconvenience to the staff as well as to the administration.  It is rightly said Prevention is better than Cure. It is requested to follow the rules and avoid the administration to take drastic action.

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